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Dec 8, 1999
Well, I think it's time for the first international step for our sneaker guides. In order not to make that one too harsh, we'll just move a little bit up north. I don't think making individual sneaker guides for every major city in Canada would be very efficient therefore I suggest we make one for the entire country.

Please include: City, name of the store, address, specialty of the store.

If possible: Telephone number, directions to the store.

I know we have quite a lot of Canadians on the board, so let's make this one large and good!

canada for me personally isn't where i buy shoes. i buy them while travelling or get them from friends in different places. as of late canada has been granted exclusive releases so it's definitely getting better. but since other ppl shared their spots in NY and LA...i'll blast some spots in my hometown.

vancouver, bc
FWUH (sorry dirtymex...give love to get love)
beatty street and dunsmuir (downtown area...near stadium skytrain station)
hip hop/skate store with cdn LE account (right now there are blazers, silver am97s, trainer 3s i think...)

FL in pacific centre and richmond centre are the FLs that usually get the "hype" releases in vancouver area. they are usually the AF1s. athlete's world in PC and richmond are the ones that get the dunks.

24 is an exclusive shop in the downtown area known as yaletown. it's our counterpart of union. they carry clothing labels such as good enough, complete finesse, silas and maria, supreme, hysteric glamour, etc...and they are also a nike LE account. the owner was the first guy to make customized LV af1s. he was the one who did them for union. and btw...they aint so friendly at this shop...just to warn you.

i'll let some other cdns share now...

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Well, there ain't no mom and pop spots up here in Calgary, AB, but here are the better shoe spots.

Market Mall - the foot locker is getting better here, but Forzanis and Sport Chek get most of the goods.

Chinook Mall - best place to get kicks in Calgary (still kinda weak, but u work with whatcha got!) Sport Chek here has Trainer 1s, 3s, huraches, SC Trainer Lows, plus the Champs and Foot Locker here is the only place to get AF1s in the City. They also have a Nike Store/Athletes World.

Those are the only 2 places worth going to to get kicks. If it's not at Chinook or Market, then Calgary probably doesn't have it.

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The following information was sent to me by e-mail by future member philly_sixers_03...much appreciated.


-Devonshire mall (howard avenue)

foot locker
sport check
athlete's world.

-Windsor Crossing Outlets (Huron Church Road)

Nike Factory Store
Adidas store
Reebok store


-White oaks mall (1105 Wellington road)

nike athletes world
athletes world
foot locker
sport check

Masonville place (1680 richmond street)

athletes world
sport check


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here is the goods on edmonton

the place to be is west edmonton mall, which you should know by now is the biggest in the world. with that said the selection is still week. Footlocker gets some AF1 and jordan releases, champs gets some jordans but has been gettin worse. AW is not the best, i would say kingsway is better. Sportchek gets some of the goods, but often later than release dates, and rarely puts anything on sale(excpet for xvii mids for 200 bones a few weeks after release date). there is nothing in terms of mom and pops out here. if you are looking for some brooks or some ish like that, please don't come and see me!
places to get jerseys in vancouver as far as i know are:

Rookies - Station Square in Metrotown
Gameday - Richmond Center
basically every mall will have your basic footlock, athlete's world or champs. some will have sport chek. there are also sport marts in the in BC (crap but you never know). there is also a bata clearance centre in capilano mall...i heard they unload some of the athlete's world items for ch ch cheap.

also in north van...they had the RDS (red dragon skate supply shop) that sold SB dunks. it's on 3rd and lonsdale...close to the lonsdale quay/seabus station.

ok now...WHERE ARE THE
T-DIZZLE NTers up in here? they need to talk about the factory outlets and other spots.

i'll blast the vice store (queen street & peter??...i forgot now. it's been a while). the fellas from sell their shoes outta that store.

and ceddie is right. look at the number of posts this thread is getting compared to NY and LA! and this is a whole nation...I LOVE CANADA.
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Thanks shoehead...

Two outlets, one north on the 404 and the otther on the Qew heading toward the Falls.

Four Si Vous Play Locations one is an outlet up north of the city.

and then their is the mom and pops...One is called Sportline and anouther is called OneSport.

That all I can do for this post. The rest of the blowing up spots is up to other Toronto heads.
Okay I'll try

Nike Shop on Bloor and Bay

Si Vous Play
3 Locations
Lawerence Square
Yorkgate Mall (jane/finch)
Outlet - it's on Steeles and 407

Athletes World/Nike = Cdn version of Footaction
Eaton Center
Yonge and Eglinton
Fairview Mall

Yonge Street is the best IMO
Queen Street, near Muchmusic
The rest are the same...

Champs = Sucks ***

Forzani's/Sports Check
Eaton Center
Square One
QueensWay and Kipling

Sporting Life
Sherway Gardens

Vice Store Sucks, Jet rag is Okay, the sell adidas original and have some Dunks/Af1

Uptown Heaven Smells like a W.C, they have some Af1's(Pr, Rose, Horse)

Collection America is Okay
Yonge Street near College
Queen near Keele

there a bunch of places to buy Jersey's on Yonge St.

I post more tommorow... :smile:


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To be honest, we don't get much exclusive in Canada.
But we do get some, Horse 2, white black patent AF1 mid, white silver af1, suede blazer, am95 etc....
all of these kicks sell in Footlocker, so nothing special....
but sometimes, the price may give you guys a suprise, like the jordan XVI, XVI low, 9 and some other stuff for half we have to check the store often.

Here are the stores:
Richmond Center in RIchmond, Pacific center in downtown, Robson Street in downtown, Metrotown center in burnaby... These four usually get the exclusive AF1 on release day.
~~I guess T Dot4Ever provided it all for T.O already...Here is some more info I would like to add for T.O.....Nothing much:

Eaton Centre Athletes World # 416 5982456

Fairview Athletes World # 416 4963263
Fairview Champs # 416 4909837
Fairview Footlocker # 416 4912441

Scarboughtown Athletes World # 416 2963838
Scarboughtown Footlocker # 416 2962137

Yorkdale Athletes World # 416 7874363
Yorkdale Footlocker # 416 7855260
Yorkdale Champs # 416 7825493

On Queen St.West you will find Vice, Jet Rag and Footlocker

Vice # 4165960558
Jet Rag # 416 9792677
Footlocker # 4169792185

Hope this helps!!!
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As everyone has said so far the main places THROUGHOUT Canada are FL and Athletes World...most Athletes World in major cities have a Nike Shop attached to them so if you're looking for high end exclusive colours check them out...addresses have already been posted

Calgary also has TD square Athletes World which isn't that bad...but Chinook is the biggest in that city

London...if you're ever here in london check White Oaks mall...they're the only real good location
Foot Locker has the AF1 line locked up as an exclusive in sports retail in Canada...Athletes World carries the Phat Farm look alikes haha...and the Avirex's as well

other than that there is really nothing in London...

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In Vancouver, there's a Champs outlet store in the Old Part of Metrotown. Right next to Sears. You'll find some surprises there.
You can find Sportschek's and Sportsmart's in Streetmalls and malls around the lower mainland. Sportchek will usually have all of the highend basketball shoes, but a little while after release date. This also have had Ace 83's. Also, they sell an assortment Nike Authentic Jersys (or is it Jersies?). SportsMart usually has nothing, but occasionally they can surprise you, like 39.99 for amazing handles a couple weeks ago.

Sportchek locations:

V7Y 1A1
Tel. 6046877668

V5H 4M1
Tel. 6044549396

128, 6200 MCKAY ROAD
V5H 4L7
Tel. 6044331115

V2S 5A1
Tel. 6048708944

V3A 7E9
Tel. 6045305970

V7T 1A1
Tel. 6049223336

V3R 7B9
Tel. 6045857293

#120,12101 - 72 AVE.
V3W 2M1
Tel. 6045727008

I've also been to an Bata/Athletes World outlet at Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. You can take the new Sky Train Right to it. They had some nice dress shoes for under 50, we're talking lugz and stacey adams.

Lougheed Mall
NorthRoad-Austin Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Finally there is Shoestrings which is kind of a wild card. They supposedly went out of business a few years back. But there's one right by my house. Occasionly they'll be some idiot employee, like when I got T-mac's for 60 dollars. Ohhhhhhhhh yea

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Sherway Gardens in toronto

1-athletes world superstore
3-sporting life

the best mall and selection in my opinion, and there are many other small shoe stores at Sherway
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I guess I'm just being technical, but the Nike Shops in Vancouver, they're actually mom and pop stores. The ones in Metro, Robson, Kerrisdale, and now Oakridge, are owned by a family who work in conjunction with Nike. So, yeah, Vancouver has at least 3 mom and pop stores.
I live in Toronto and I think you guys have missed a couple of here goes...

Dixie Value Mall: Queensway and Dixie; there is an outlet for both Footlocker and Athlete's World (AW is a Bata owned company, so the outlet is Bata) and I have seen some great kicks there back in the day...I KICK myself for not copping the Jordan Retro 11's for 119$CDN in the White/Columbia colourway last winter. Often the shoes that don't sell too well end up here and when I was last out there I saw a decent size run of a weird Pump Fury colourway, so you might be surprised at what pops up.

Kensington Market: Kensington and Augusta streets, downtown; the market is known for vintage clothing and amazing food, but there are also quite a few vintage stores that now sell used kicks. The shoes that I have seen are not in the greatest condition, but these stores have access to huge stockpiles of vintage clothing, so I guess this also means they have access to vintage kicks too. I have seen a couple of pretty nice AF2s here and there and some other Big Nikes from the 1980's and 1990's in the market. There is not really any point in listing the different store names in the market because first of all I don't know any of the names and second of all, the stock changes very quickly.
Much Respect, the Champs outlet is in the old mall. The older part of metro town. Not metropolis, it's where the sears and the toys r us are located. On the second level I think, right beside Sears.
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i was in Hamilton, ON the other day
i forget the name of the mall
but the footlocker and the champs there had some nice af1's and j's with pretty decent prices...a lot of them had most of the sizes and colours that sold out in TO too. there's also a fairly good jersey store in this mall
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My friend had just open a store in a chinese plaza 'First Markham Place' located in Hwy 7 & Woodbine, they've got some pretty nice kicks there,

Dunk SB Gino 1
Dunk SB Mulder
AF1 06
AF1 Horse
Dunk SP Zoo York
Dunk SP chocolate
HTM Woven
Oxide Dunk low pro
White/Charcoal Dunk Low Pro
Black/Gum sole Dunk Low Pro
oh yea speakin of first markham place, there's also a store in the Pacific Mall located on Steeles and Kennedy in Markham, last time i went they had like new shoes, but they also had some of the rarer colourways, and they had XIII, and XIV's among other things.....for fairly good prices too....but if u have over a size 13 foot or over don't bother going cause usually they only carry up to 11 or 12 :frown:

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Footlocker-Robson St. & Pacific Centre Mall
Champs- Metrotown
FWUH- Beatty St. ...They get love.
.024- Yaletown...They get some really nice stuff. Really.
Granville Sports Corner- Granville...for the adidas heads, i got my tobaccos there.

It's important to remember for that canda gets exclusive AF1 as well. Through the Footlocker.
Dont ferget NIKETOWN Toronto btw yonge and avenue road on bloor st. Its not really Niketown but its the Toronto NIKE store 2 floors but really expensive,hardly any sales there.Hope that helps and my bad if its been posted,peace.
The NikeShop/Athlete's World at Scarborough Town Centre has a lot of nice shoes. I know they have the VC IIIs, retro J's 1 (carolina blue & wht/blk/red), Jordan 12s, Zoom Generations-first game...Their selection is getting much better.

You can call them at 416-296-1218
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