Canada Summit! EVERYONE TO B.C. for the 2010 winter olympics

Joined Oct 5, 2004
Yo! with all these summits happenin i'm startin to feel left out haha. and with the winter olympics being held in vancouver in 2010, the atmosphere will be even crazier than usual, so what better place to hold a summit? it gives us all some time to save up, and plus i'm sure everyone has some sort of friends or family to stay with in b.c., like i'm sure everyone's going to be headed down there to check out the games anyways, so we might as well have a summit while all of canada and the rest of the world is there. Who's comin with me?

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pass. sorry though.
If anyone got any cool forces in 11.5-12 pm me.

I'm broke atm but hit me up if interested, might get a pair in the future.
Joined Jan 9, 2003
I live in Vancouver (Kits) and I want to be as far away from the nightmare that the Olympics will be in this city. This city will be a mess for those 2 weeks.
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I was thinking about going to the olympics, not sure about a summit type thing tho.
Its gonna be hectic enough.
Joined Jan 14, 2006
GM Place is gonna be nuts, TEAM Canada, i wonder whos gonna be on the roster, goalie has gotta be Luongo
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