<- Canadian Market prices start to go DOWN! ->


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Jun 26, 2002
ed lowering prices.

Hopefully next is Shoes/Cars etc.
Nike is gonna eprices spring 08 in Canada. Most likely no low enough though.
And now back to business
The best ******s are the magazine companies. THey claim that the discrepancy between US and Canada prices is due to the issues being printed 5-6 months prior to the release. But now, I've bought 2 issues of Golf Digest and they're is still a 2 dollar discrepancy! And it's Canada that's more expensive.

That's just so bull that they don't make the necessary changes to reflect that.
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Car price MSRP won't be going down any time soon. The reason car manufacturers are not cutting prices (yet) is because the majority of new car sales are leases, and lease prices are based on residual values, so if someone leases a new 3-series and the residual is $25,000 in 3 years (assuming the MSRP for a 2007 is $50,000), what is going to happen when BMW drops prices to $40,000 for the '08 model? Suddenly the '07 is going to cost more than the '08.
I saw this on the news too. It has to start somewhere, right?
Hopefully next is Shoes/Cars etc.
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With all the media attention and Canadians shopping across the border in droves, pressure is on companies so hopefully it's a domino effect.
read this in the star
bout time, it's a good look.

im gonna still support local indepedent shops, but when it comes to other items i feel no remorse shoppin south of the border.

like the rest of you been saying, go get your wrangler denim game on at zellers
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it's about time they start adjusting prices! hopefully the jordan packages next year will be cheaper than $400 which is what someone said before would be the prices for the packs
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for cars i think to gradually adjust prices they are going to offer cash back incentives for people who are currently in a lease...then begin to lower monthly lease rates and car prices
Maybe the phone companies will follow suit and give us 20$ unlimted data

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just imagine if by December (when the bred 8 drop) Brand Jordan adjusts it's prices to equal those of US retail... man that would be sweet...
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what canada needs are tax free weekends like they have in the states. entire weekends where sales tax is waved to spur consumer spending.....
...it is what it is.
We need Black Friday also. :lol:
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