Canadian visiting IRVINE, CA . . . what spots?

Jul 16, 2006
whats up,

well, as the title states, im from winnipeg canada and will be visiting some family in a few weeks. They live in IRVINE CA, so i was wondering whats the best places to shop for kicks(sb's & jays etc) and clothing(anything really). Lemme know what ur fav. spots to check out are and why. I will visit L.A and las vegas as well so if theres any spots there that you would also recommend let me know.

Thanks in advance for the heads up.
I owe you guys one.

Thanks a million.
^^ those spots

and also in surrounding cities..

Commissary in Costa Mesa (clothing)
Active Ride Shop in Tustin Marketplace (clothing and sbs)
Avenue in Fountain Valley (clothing and sbs)
Clique in Fountain Valley (clothing and sbs)
Axis Boardshop in Fountain Valley (clothing and sbs)
Finishline in Irvine Spectrum and The District (jordans)

aim- aphungiscool
^what they said, might as well check out disneyland too! =)

as for LA go to melrose (Brooklyn Projects, Barracuda, lots of other little shops) then head to la brea to hit undftd, stussy, union then a short drive to fairfax and hit diamond, hundreds, hall of fame, supreme, fcla, and a couple other spots there. these are all within 5 minutes driving of each other pretty convenient and a good place to just chill, u might even see a celeb walkin melrose? who knows
san diego does it right
KICKS 10.5-11

aim - eyyowassupazn
those mentioned above... and:

Jack's Surfboards (Newport Beach and Huntington Beach) sb's and clothing
Huntington Surf and Sport (Huntington Beach) sb's and clothing
The Closet (Newport Beach [2 stores]) <--- very small selection of sbs.... its gone down hill

In vegas... def hit up

Suite 160 (sb's and other shoes, botique)
Nike Outlets... (there are two, one in Downtown Vegas and the the other is right off the strip)

hope this helps!
Not to thread jack this post but I didn't want to make another one seeing that I am on the same boat.

I am going to Irvine this as well and I wanted to know if there was anything worth ckecking out ASIDE from shoe stuff? I am going to check out Fairfax stores on the way up so I figure that should satisfy my craving. Is there anything else worth checking out in the Irvine area like bars, eating spots, beaches, etc?

Any help appreciated......
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^^^ fong the beaches are great here in the OC... definitely go to Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar... PM me if you have any questions... peace

but here's another thing for all you guys to check out:
For bars, unless you want to go to DnBs at the Irvine Spectrum or the Block in Orange, Mai Tai in Long Beach is pretty nice. Drinks aren't that bad either. Below it is club v2o.
awesome... good lookin out man, im really interested in checkin out those clothing spots cuz im currently more interested in picking up clothing rather than kicks. I can always buy kicks online but as far as clothing, i cant exactly make sure it fits the way i want it to fit. thats why im excited to check some of these spots out.... thanks a lot guys. Is there a website for those spots in melrose so i can get the addresses and/or phone#?
off the subject...but how is the corporate job market doing in irvine? feel free to PM me....
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For a cool bar scene,go to Fullerton. For a cool afternoon spot,especially on Sunday,go to Sharky's in Newport Beach.
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i live in irvine so if you got any questions pm me. where in irvine are you staying? (street name?)
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not much going on in Irvine for a night life... lived my whole life there... Irvine Spectrum isn't too bad, has DnB but you can go to dope Japanese Spots in Fountain Valley and Tustin called Hondaya... Great Ramen in that area with Teppan at Shinsengumi as well... If you want to pick up clothes, plenty of sales this weekend... ATTIC has 6 shirts for 50 bucks or 2 Hoodies for 70... Great souvenirs to take back with you
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