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Yes, we've temporarily disabled signatures for now. If you currently have a signature in your profile, you will not be able to edit it. If you want a signature but have not input it in, you will not be able to add any new text, formatting or submit a new signature for now.

Please check back with us as we roll out additional changes.


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now i know why i could not find it ....spent like 10 mins looking for it lol Thanks for the fast reply!
Joined Apr 23, 2014
Yea I spent a bit of time over a month back looking for the button before finding this thread.
I have checked back whenever I think about it to see if signature edit was open but nothing as of yet.
I guess it's just dead.

Methodical Management

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We'll mark it 'resolved' and reply when it's been corrected. We haven't lost track of it, but we do have other issues in the pipeline as well.
Joined Oct 26, 2016
Damn was searching for this for like two weeks now :lol: :lol: at least I know i'm not crazy lol

Methodical Management

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Hey Meth, can you please remove the sig on my profile please. Thanks!
Hi Guys,
Could you please edit my signature as well and remove it?
That would be great.
Remove my signature please
I would also like my signature removed please, and thanks.
Remove my signature as well please. Thanks Methodical Management Methodical Management
Remove my signature please
Methodical Management Methodical Management please remove my signature .
Methodical Management Methodical Management aye! please remove my sig!
No problem. Your signatures have been removed.
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