Can't remove Angelus paint off Bred 11 midsole

Joined Jun 25, 2015
Hi guys, let me start by saying I am new here.

The problem is that i made dirty bred 11s but some of the paint washed off when put in the washing machine, and i wanted to make them normal again. I have tried using bottles upon bottles of acetone but only a little bit rubs off, if it helps i am applying with a cotton ball. Any thing i can do to remove the paint from the white midsole

Thanks in advance
Joined Apr 11, 2015
When I strip the paint, I use an all purpose abrasive cleaner, I get it from my Job , but I'm pretty sure you can buy if at home depot. Also why are you washing the breds in a washwasher machine? If you ever really need to wash them, hand clean them instead.
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