Car Dealership Experts & BMW Owners Come In !!!

Feb 5, 2004
Im trying to buy this bmw 7 series I need help.

I found the car online through, hit up the dealership a couple days later to check it out
the car is crazy in person its a used certified low mileage etc , I ask about the price and dude tells me there is no negotiating internet pricing, I told him no one pays base listing price I asked him if he could knock down a couple g's and said no

My question to NT has anyone heard of this or this guy just doesn't wanna sell it to me.

Another question any idea how much insurance will cost and maintenance be in the long term on a bmw ?
Mar 26, 2009
I've heard this before. The dealership just put's the online price lower than the in-store price.

That sucks though OP.
Mar 21, 2004
Originally Posted by Jordan Novice

Which 7, e38?
Probably an e65/66 if it was CPO. I've heard of dealerships doing that, but they always manage to budge on the price after a few days. I dunno about taking off a few G's, though. The CPO warranty usually bumps the price up at least $3k, so I'm sure they can afford to drop the price a few hundred if they really want to get rid of the car. Expect a call within a few days if you left them your number.
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