Car scratch remover

Joined Apr 2, 2003
Somehow the rear passenger side door got a big %%+ scratch in it that I just noticed tonight.
I've never had to deal with anything other than a minor nick here or there, this @%!+ sucks though. 

Anyone know of a good scratch remover?  I've gotta look at it more closely, but it didn't seem too deep.  I don't know if any of those infomercial scratch removers work but I'm open to suggestions since I know a lot of NTers care for their cars.

Joined Dec 6, 2008
Whatever you do, DO NOT use aircraft remover lol.

Depending on how deep your scratch is, you might be able to buff it out. If its too deep, it would have to be re-painted.

If the scratch isn't deep, you can try buffing it with different compounds. If the scratch requires paint, you can use a touch up paint pen. The pen doesn't leave the best finish and to get it to look perfect you would have to wet sand the applied paint down and then buff it.
Joined Dec 18, 2008
yea i need one of these too, after i reversed into mcdonalds last night and now my rear bumper is part red
Joined Apr 2, 2003
Haha, Fix It was the was I was thinking of...I wanna try it just because Billy Mays endorsed it (RIP).

I'll probably go with that Meguiar's, gotta check out the scratch in the morning. I don't know if I can get into wet sanding, buffing it and all that.
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