Car Tint Hookup?

Aug 30, 2005
does anyone know someone who does car tints?
im looking for something with a lifetime warrenty, cause most of these guys is shady
i been looking into this for a minute now, whats the legal limit? i heard it was like 35% in the rear and 50% in the front.
All jokes aside though, this post is soft (pause).
35% all around is the legal limit

20% is still safe tho. slightly darker than 35% but should be able to get away with it unless u're doing stupid stuff with your car

(girl just got her tints done so my tint knowledge is on point lol)
soulize wanna hookup a number/address for your dude chris? how much for a 20% all around is it usually?
Sorry I went to bed before being able to post information...

Call 416-704-TINT, Chris is a cool dude to deal with.

Located in Richmond Hill at 346 Newkirk Rd. Unit 5 just east of Yonge St. on Major Mackenzie. The owner is Richard Ramlogan, both dudes are great to deal with.

Chris is gonna get back to me, he was busy this morning so I couldn't get an exact quote from him, but I'll post up when he gets back to me, or you can call them.

They do an amazing job and treat your car like their own.​

I can get you $260 cash price, tax in. Any % you want, 20, 35, doesn't matter. It's normally 290+tax. This is a quote on a normal car like a Honda Accord or Acura TL.

Lifetime warranty, it's film, not the cheap vinyl stick on jobs. Good quality and service.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll set it up for you. Book early it's pretty busy and weekends are booked up.​

ive a got a civic coupe, so my rear windows are basically non existant, will this make it cheaper?
ill let you know tmrw, if i wanna get it done, ezinbox me with your contact info
eh yo soulize, i talked to chris directly today
i appreciate the you referring me to him
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