Castro dead?

Jan 31, 2007
Anyone else read this anywhere? It doesn't appear to be listed on any official news sites, I'm just looking at too many messageboards during a slow day at work :lol:

Saw it on the link in the general thread but they said it hasn't been announced because U.S. officials were waiting for Southern Florida police to call in reinforcements...but if thats the case, why wouldn't it be on BBC or some other international site? Who knows, just doesn't sound credabile...
Who knows... He could've been dead for the past 15 years, I think we'll never know.
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Nah not yet.... but the gastric bleeding problem he has had for the past three-four years is worsening.... he is oFFICIALLY...on the clock....
Yeah.. what happens when he's gone? Will they still have an embargo set upon them by the US? Will their Cigars still be illegal to import?
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^ Yes to both... as long as they are a Communist Country ( i.e. dont see eye to eye with the US and be forced into Democracy) then its a wrap... lol
So the next person in power is carrying the torch and not lighting a new one. That means a lot of MLB players can keep their jobs another couple of years. lol
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