Oct 4, 2001

It's that time again.
^actually...that's a world renowned fashion designer............
I get money, money I got...

Changing the world? Yeah I'm doing it, I just don't show it off to get praise, eff ya'll...
This thread should just be for sneakers again, not certain celebs wearing crooks and alife etc, just my opinion. There was a lot of that in vol 2.

Hopefully this post will take off and get way better but this is what I got....

"N****S is mad cuz I get more butt than ash trays" - biggie
heres a few i found. some upcoming ugly spizikes....
Fat Joe

Terry Kennedy


Bow Wow
How yall gonna have a celeb post spelled right?
Crushed-out Heavenly
-Heaven aint got a Jesus if I aint fly.
Every pic so far is from the last volume. (Except maybe the Spike/Bow Wow)

I say you ask to delete this one, and start a new one with the title......."Pics of celebrities wearing gear NTers would wear."

a. This would be more appropriate.


b. For all the dudes who whine about what's "heat" and what's not.

Just my opinion.
What happened to the good ol' days.......?
lol that wale pic is tight....
AKA Kelz
Looking For:
Penny Foams SZ 6.5 or 7
Penny 2s Sz 6.5 or 7
Nike Air Bakins (Red or Blue) Sz 6.5 or 7
smh..Wale doesn't count...he's a sneakerhead!
(er...i dunno if all you cool kids still use that term...)
-Everything on the radio & most rappers period
^or anything resembling any sort of SHOE. lol

why not have it , celebrities wearing shoes, aka post any photo available

that pac picture and the one after just shut this post down

p.s. what happened to volume 2?
<b>badly wanted:
all sizes 10-11
*air force one low co.jp lakers colorway
*3m snakes
*hong kongs
*black/cement iii
*atmos safari airmax87
OMFG Yessssss^^^^^ forget the shades Yay should have had Harry try on the Jordans he was rockin, that pic would have been a classic
Team Pacific Northwest​
TK with the Maize VII's is the most normal looking fit I ever seen him wear. TI is that dude but smh @ Fab's fits
Lemme know if you got any cool Forces in a 10.5. Thanks.
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