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Mar 21, 2006
I'm moving to North Carolina within the next six months and I wanted to get some input on how you guys feel about Charlotte and surrounding areas. I'll be looking to buy a home so any input about different areas near Charlotte is greatly appreciated. Ive been doing a lot of research but I want some more 1st hand opinions. :pimp:
Im originally from Pittsburgh, but I go to Wake Forest University which is about an hour and a half north. The weather is pretty sick down here (at least compared to Pittsburgh)

Shoe-wise, North Carolina is a pretty lively place (at least from my experience.) Hanes Mall, which is just off 40, is the biggest mall south of Washington DC. It's pretty nuts on release days. I was there for the grapes and the mars/flips release. Both times I had to wait at the mall entrance around 5-6am and run to Footaction when the mall doors opened at 7am.

Sorry that I'm not much help, but I don't get out to the city often. PM me if you have any questions!
i live in the University Area, so I think the University Area is the best & safest place to live. lol, Plenty of places to go to. :D

But if you got Serious MONEY, move in the Ballantyne Area. Nothing but rich old people. LOL :lol:

The West & East sides of town are.......ehhh. :rolleyes

Huntersville and Concord are also a good places to live. They're right outside of charlotte.

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i live in the University Area, so I think the University Area is the best & safest place to live
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Rock Hill isn't a bad spot to live in Charlotte's vicinity. It's technically in South Carolina, but only a few miles from Charlotte.
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Thanks for all the replies. I'd say im middle class. I'm basically looking for a home in place where I can feel safe, and where its not too overdeveloped...I'd like to find a place where the homes aren't right on top of each other.
I just moved here to Charlotte a year ago.. I live in Highland Creek .. To me its the best area around here.. Close to alot of things but still not that busy.. And there is all different price ranges on homes here in the area.. Whereva you choose to live, Charlotte is a good city to live in.. Good luck..
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