Cheapest way to get to NYC from Toronto?

Sep 7, 2006
I'm thinking of heading down to NYC in the next few weeks and I'm wondering what the best way is to get there?

How much would it cost to go by airplane, bus and train? How long would it be by car? Thanks.
By car:

Fastest route would be through Buffalo

Least hassle with border patrol is through 1000 Islands and Syracuse

2 tanks of gas and 9 hours straight driving will get you there.

By bus:

About 150-200 round trip for a few days, 10 hours trip time each way

By airplane:

Direct from Toronto to New York 300-400 a ticket right now 2 hour flight

Or get a ride to Buffalo then take a flight to New York

Half a tank of gas to Buffalo, 200 for a ticket from Buffalo to NY, about 3 hours flight (1 stop)​
How much is parking per day at Buffalo's airport? And, the $200 ticket is round trip, or one way?

Hey Bobby:

What are the places (online or local, whatever) that offer the 1 or 3 day day trips to NYC? Please drop some names; thanks.

Would they also include the hotel in that or is it separate? Last one I saw was a one day affair that was $100 (overnight from Toronto into NYC)
i take the Grey hound down.

Best to take the night bus which leaves around 930 or so and get to NYC at 7am, so u still have full day to do whatever and u can sleep on the bus.

i pay 160CND round trip each time but u have to show your Student id.

The bus depot is close to Dundas station

you could also take the train it is a longer ride roughly 16-17 but its alot more comfortable but one problem is that it leaves in the morning around 8am, so u will get to NY at night and it throws off your sleeping pattern since all u can do is sleep on the train

cost is roughly 200CND round trip

never drove down to NY but i most warn u that the drives in NY are worst then the ones in canada so make sure u are comfortable driver because if u get nerves well driving u are screwed.

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Taking one of those Chinese tours with friends down to NYC. $120 for 2 nights/ 3 days including hotel. Pretty good.
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They go by bus yea, they offer the best deals, but look for the best ones, there are shopping trips that just leave you at a hotel right across from an outlet for two days and go to another outlet the next day

For chinese tour places there is: Safeway Tours, Jacco Tours, Tai Pan and a bunch more.

If you wanna be doing your own thing, it might not be the best to go with Chinese places because it's a tour, they mainly do sightseeing and shopping and they just move from one place to a next. If they use the same hotel for the same couple of days in NY I'm sure it's no problem for you to ditch the sight seeing.

Keep in mind you'll be with a bunch of chinese families watching chinese movies with a chinese tour guide.

Oh, tip is expected, I think it's something along 12 bucks a day (6 bucks a day for tour guide, 6 bucks a day for driver or something)
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^^ You roll in a storage van packed with people too right? Or do they give you a proper bus?
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^ lol
they have proper tour buses..
similar to those greyhounds

just go look for a 3 day shopping tour in NYC..
they stay at the same hotel for all those days and in the morning u can take the tour bus and get off at rockafella center. thats where they usually make their first morning breakfest stop. from then on u can just walk around NYC manhattan all day. shop till u drop. then at nite time they will pick you back up a specific street. thats where all the people that wants a free ride back to the hotel meets. if u wanna party till late...then u can always get a taxi...but i think taxi costs like $60-80 bucks from manhattan to the hotel..thats wut it cost me last time i was there.
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