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I like the design, it's not too busy. I absolutely can't stand going to a site and there being so much going on that I can't find where to go to see what I want.

The only thing that I might offer, and please take this as constructive, is to be able to find out a little more about the company. I think the video is informative and well done, but it might be nice to see some examples of the things listed in the We Do section in print. I know that can be hard, as some companies may not have a huge portfolio, and some clients may not be receptive to you showing their campaigns.

What's your role in the company?
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I find the who we are text and what we do text a bit difficult to read.. maybe change the font.. thats just me
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My biggest advice is BE DIFFERENT. This is going to sound harsh: The "mission statement," company name, and overall look of the website looks like every other startup boutique marketing company.
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Originally Posted by II Jovo II

I find the who we are text and what we do text a bit difficult to read.. maybe change the font.. thats just me
i didnt like the font either

nice though. i dig the color scheme
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Cool, the video shows you I just don't really get what y'all do? Y'all representing artists or just working with companies?
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Is that Baruch?

Love the entrepreneurship, I started something myself getting out of college
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I like the minimalism, it works well. The colors are also good.

Really poor choice of fonts tho. Should've just gone with helvetica or something. That font was practically made for screens.
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The typeface (font) is difficult to read. Try a slab serif like Museo 500 or something like that. It's very contemporary, yet traditional. Museo 500 slab and Museo 500 Italic are free on right now, although the entire set is about $100. Slab-serif faces are very "in" right now, as is the color yellow, which I see you've chosen. If you don't want to have to redesign next year (neon orange is next, by the way) then go with Helvetica Neue (any face, really) and use a teal color. Your brand identity isn't really clear. I see that it's a marketing firm, but really see nothing else. Make your homepage very simple, and make the click-throughs Flash so it's ultra fast. Your mission statement and portfolio need their own page, ideally. The video is great, by the way. Definitely makes clientele feel welcome and comfortable, yet still shows a professional set-up.
Joined Aug 14, 2005
K, I was digging the old site quite a bit. Instead of the white background I think it would look better with a black background and white font. That's just me though. Keep doing what you doing tho my dude. I know your steady making moves.
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