Chicago Sneaker Guide

Dec 8, 1999
I haven't been here last week so I couldn't continue the sneaker guides, so sorry for that.

It's time for MJ's hometown - let's make this one better than Miami...please. List mom and pop stores, outlets, official chain retailers etc.

It goes as usual. Please include: City, name of the store, address, specialty of the store.

If possible: Telephone number, directions to the store.

Share your knowledge for the benefit of the community!

cool ive been waitin for chicago...anyways theres tonys sports...not really sure of the directions so someone else help me out. then theres the kenosha outlet thats about 30 miles from chicago down I-94 and also gurnee mills has a big footaction outlet and tahts about 8 miles before the kenosha one. and also woodfield mall has a really large finishline store. cant think of nethin else right lookin forward to hearing about the smaller stores in chicago that ive neverheard of.
The outlet in Wisconsin is actually in Pleasant Prairie, which is right next to Kenosha. You can take the tollway (94) or you can take route 41 (Skokie Blvd). It's just north of the border, should take about 50 - 60 minutes from the city.
phone # of the outlet is (262) 857 7333 If you call them you can ask them what's new.

Gurnee Mills outlet mall has a lot of shoe store outlets but no Nike outlet. Gurnee Mills is just west of Great America, you can get there from either 94 or 41.

Niketown Chicago's # is (312)642 6363, they are on Michigan Ave.
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If I ever get a chance to go to chi-town (supposed to go 2 times this summer) is there a place where I can pick up the Chi-Town Mids? Thanks!
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You could probably find those Air Force Ones at Tony's Sports; they have several locations but here is the one we went to during the Summit last month.

Tony's Sports
3941 N. Sheridan (near Irving Park Road) ; You can take the CTA, just get off at the Sheridan stop. The store is UNDER the tracks. Their phone is : (773) 477-4944
They also have a lot of jerseys and Timberlands there.
What if there were no hypothetical questions?
Chi-Towns mids are in abundance. I've only seen 2-3 people with them on tops.

Now as for the stores, there arent really too many stores that have "exclusive, LE" things.

-PJ Shoes, Far North Side of Chicago. The store is under the red line el. Has a nice selection of kicks.

-Water Tower, Downtown Chicago
Finishin Line

-Niketown, Downtown Chicago

-Barney's New York, Downtown Chicago, they always get ill designer sneakers and LE Adidas there for some reason.

Now, if you wanna get to the nitty gritty, you gotta go to the hood!

-63rd and Halsted, South Westside of Chicago. They have a gang of shoe stores all in one spot, you'll find about 8-10 stores there. *names irrelevent, because there is a ton of stores there*

-112th and Michigan, Far Southside of Chicago. There is a nice selection of stores around there also. *names irrelevent, because there is a ton of stores there*

-Madison Ave, Westside of Chicago, lots and lots of sneaker stores.

-Ford City Mall, South Westside of Chicago
2 Champs, 2 Footlockers and an Athletes Foot.

-Brickyard Mall
World Footlocker, Finishline, Athelets Foot

-Evergreen Plaza, Southside of Chicago
Finishline, Footlocker, and Champs

-Chicago Ridge Mall
Champs, Footlocker

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Madison Ave. is a really good spot, but unless you live around there, you might not want to go there. I'm talkin around 3000 West Madison Ave. Last week I was approached by about 5 people in 3 minutes for buying/selling drugs. well, i dont really want to go into anything else, but just dont plan on riding your bike over there, or driving by yourself.
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how far away do you want stuff, cause i have a huge list of the northern suburbs.
Nizate post em, anything within 100 miles :smile:

donjuan, thanks bro, any of the stores you mentioned have the Chi-Town's for sure? Does Tony Sports have them for sure? I was thinking i might come over this labor day weekend.
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Lincolnwood Mall 847-679-7798
Golf Mill Mall 847-298-8409
Old Orchard Mall (Tiny store)
Vernon Hills Mall 847-362-1195
Woodfield Mall 847-619-1510
Randhurst Mall 847-255-0680 (Tiny Store)
Brickyard Mall 773-637-1885
Evanston 847-864-1315
Downtown (Jackson, State) 312-957-9038
Gurnee Mills Mall

Lincolnwood Mall 847-329-0138
Northbrook Mall 847-509-0750
Vernon Hills Mall 847-549-7518
Randhurst Mall 847-870-7299
Woodfield Mall 847-240-0810
Brickyard Mall 773-745-6740

Lincolnwood Mall 847-676-0970
Old Orchard Mall 847-677-8985
Golf Mill Mall 847-296-3365
Vernon Hills Mall 847-247-0722
Woodfield Mall 847-619-4685
Gurnee Mills Mall 847-856-8906

Gurnee Mills Mall 847-855-0462
Randhurst Mall 847-368-0567
Vernon Hills Mall 847-367-6309
Brickyard Mall 773-889-7150
Chicago (Milwaukee Ave.) 773-645-9813

Athlete's Foot
Gurnee Mills Mall 847-855-8001
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I saw the Chi-town mids and the PR3 on 63rd and Halsted yeseterday. There had to be like 4-5 stores with them. I saw Sheeds and a few West Indies. Stone/Mesas are available at Finish Line. Chicago arent too much up on dunks, so they usually don't sell out.

Yeah I've been in Chicago since January of 99 for school. I'll have my B.A. in Merchandising Management in December. I attend the Interntaional Academy of Merchandising and Design. 513 is where I'm from, Cincinnati.

I have a few sources here, but they are people who use to have a store and they just sell me stuff from their wherehouse. I've pretty much cleaned my OG sources out actually.
I love that bright orange and grey box! BAN THE RETROS!
was there summer '01, and the only spot i was able to go to was niketown. gonna be there first half '03 - good call with this sticky post. thanks, keep 'em coming!
I'm not from chicago, but when i go, I always go to the Tony's Sport on Sheridan, and i still got one of the bags from a couple weeks ago and they got the addresses to all of em there, but don't know if all of em are still open. Cause only been to one. here they are

Tonys Sports:
3941 N. Sheridan

1321 N. Milwaukee Ave.

1308 E. 53rd St. - Hyde Park

2913 W. Addison(Addison Mall)

1459 E. Hyde Park Blvd. (51st ST.)
The one on sheridan. lots of akademics and timberland gear. NFL authentics and some mitchell and ness baseball jerseys. Lots of timbs, converse, and ur basic nike releases, some other stuff sometimes, like sheeds and puerto ricans. Went 2 weeks ago and they had some nice af1 shirts, and bout like 4 of em. You should just go check it out for yourself and see if u find anything u like. Its like basiclly right in front of u when u get off the train.
Like donjuan said.....63rd and Halstead....theres a bunch of little stores that sell all the new stuff and alot of vintage nikes....but watch your back like Puff Daddy walking through Compton.
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As far as Madison Ave.I live real close if you don't want the people around you and stuff like that.It's best to go early no one is out there.Go early.The best stores on Madison is Dream Town.Kinda like a Niketown.But sells a lot of different shoes both old and new.The other store is tops and bottoms.They have all brands of clothes Fubu,Enyce,Akademics,Ecko etc.They also sell Tims and hats.Anther store is JBees.They have all kinda stuff.The best place to go to get a fit.When you go bring all your money because you'll see a bunch of stuff.They sell Tims,jerseys,throwbacks,Azzure,Ecko,Academiks,fubu and everything else.

232 E 47th St
773 268 0516

11231 S Michgan
773 928 7256

1751C Howard
773 826 6930.
Don't leave out some of the Burb's...the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora has a Finish Line, a Footaction, a Champs, and a World Foot Locker that usually has a decent selection of AF1's, Dunks, and other good retro stuff.
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Tony Sports is ok, but to be one of the largest mom and pop stores in Chicago I think they should have some exclusive/l.e. kicks.
I live in Hyde Park right near the one on 53rd and I sell most of their employees shoes lol.
I've yet to venture to the West Side sneaker stores from some strange reason. A lot of my friends from school live there I just haven't got out there. I'm gonna make it my mission to get out there this week.

I love that bright orange and grey box! BAN THE RETROS!
if you want jerseys you should hit up grandstand on w.35th st. they'll customize stuff for you and they sell throwbacks tons of jerseys

thenumber there is (773)-927-1984
p.s they are some real nice people that own it
You can find tha Chi-Town AF-1's @ the Footlocker on West Addison, next to the Tony's Sports... doesn't really look like many ppl had bought em when I went to Chicago.
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upper burbs


Spring Hill-dundee

Charlestowne-St Charles

Fox Valley-Aurora

Machesney Park-machesney park
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 815-633-9302

Woodfield- shaumburg

Stratford Square
313 Stratford Square, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 US
DUPAGE -- 630-671-0767
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