Classic Ninja Turtles vs Classic Power Rangers: who do you prefer?

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Originally Posted by HARMCITY45

TMNT all day...

Pink ranger was flat chested as all hell....
Agreed, any recent pics of her now? And what game is that?
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Kimberly was my childhood crush for real.....I don't know one little kid I grew up with that didn't like Kimberly. And the Evil Green Ranger was thebest character on the show......although the show was the dookie.

I think I prefer TMNT.....I think.
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Originally Posted by parada45

That's a tough one
no way! if you were born in the 80's its the TMNT all day long!! and the TMNT would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler to hang out with.

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I liked both of them

But i had a hell of a ninja turtle collection when I was young

Easily, TMNT
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Dumb question to ask because of the generation gap. If you were born in the early 80s, you'll most likely say TMNT because it was in its prime until 93. Ifyou were born in the late 80s, you'll most likely say Power Rangers because that was the IT show in 93-94.
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Pink Ranger = Amy jo johnson......first white chick I had a crush on

Its a tough decision for real. I had basically everything ninja turtles and loved all the movies even now
. So I give it to the turtles. But power ranger**** like a tidle wave and never stopped. I dropped off of it after zeo though. Whenever that little kid morphed into a grown man
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Not even close!
TMNT all day and everyday! And your momma agrees!

That said, if they made a movie version of the OG Power Rangers, I'd watch in a heart beat! Just give it the proper treatment and it can be great!
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The first few series of Power Rangers > TMNT

I swear they make a new Power Rangers every 6 months tho...
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