Cleveland spots for Jayz

Apr 25, 2005
Yo Cleveland, what up? Will be in town for an AAU tournament and was wondering if you could tell me some spots that have a good selections of Jayz & apparrel.
Nike, Jordans, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, anyone know if you can score some AND1 gear (clothing) anywhere in town?
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The Next in Shaker Square is an Official Air Force One Store and there are only like 36 in the world. The Randall Park Mall is pretty crappy and run down but has some good stuff they have a Footaction, City Blue, Next, and I believe a Footlocker or something along those lines.
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Ehh..What Those Dudes Said. NEXT is the best
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I Miss the Old Randall Park Mall.
Is the Air Froce One Store worth going to?

I'm usually pressed for time when I'm in Cleveland, and getting to Shaker Square from anywhere on any freeway takes sooo much time.


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