Nov 13, 2002
I'm not sure when it ends, but NEXT has a sale going on now where all Nikes excluding J's and Boots are buy one get one free. All Locations.
All a retro is is a cheap imitation of the OG with casual wear and style in mind over what the shoe was originally designed for in the first place.... be it Running, Cross-training or Basketball.....

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When I called and asked on the 19th they said it was over, anyone know when it will start again, or when they usually start/how long they last. I would be driving from Columbus so I cant just stop by and check. Thanks!
i was over there on saturday....the store at shaker square. NEXT doesnt really have much....its very overpriced too. only thing i saw was some pennys for $50, they had 1s and IVs

any of yall know any good fitted spots in cleveland?
The Shaker Square store is like the second to bottom store on their totuem'd be like.....

Shaker Square

Randall and Richmond always get the newest @#%$ first.....well other than shoes because Shaker always usually gets Jordan L'styles like the other stores, but as far as regular merchandise, they'll try it at the stores mentioned, and when it doesn't sell, then they ship it off to Shaker Square and Akron. They've been thinking of closing Shaker for a while now....I hope not though, because it's in walking distance of my house. :wow:
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I think Beachwood's setup is very nice, but they only sell hypebeast Richmond and Randall have nice stuff, but the service in those stores is down right terrible. You can never tell who works there, and you have to almost harrass an employee to help you.
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