Club29's Double Topic: Ever been DENIED access into a lane? //


Sep 25, 2008
Focus 1: So today i was out driving to my brother's house for lunch when I saw my turn was coming up.

Im in the middle lane, and this car with 4 old ladies was in the right lane. I gotta get in that right lane.

Im thinking "oh these nice older ladies will let me into their lane right?"


I put my passenger car window down and say "excuse me miss? Do you mind if I get in there?" with a friendly smile.

This fossil had the AUDACITY to not only say "NO!" but she shook her finger at me, as if I did something wrong, and her friends are giving me looksnow.

I just got tried by the Golden Girls. I was in shock.

In my 20+ years of existence, ive NEVER seen anyone denied access into their lane.

Although lately, ive been getting into many a confrontation with old folk.

Its like they have a sense of entitlement/snobbery because theyve got a few decades on me.

What part of the game is THIS?


Focus 2:

Anyone ever heard of this? ( i just searched incase anyone had this up before me.)

Its basically FML for sex.

Im sure many can relate
So my girlfriend and I were...what's an elegant way to say this?...we were bangin' one night. As usual, I was feeling pretty good about the situation, and I ask her how she was doing. She answered me with, "Well, you know, it's all pretty much just in and out..." and proceeds to give me a lecture on the myth of the vaginal orgasm. As you can imagine, this was a bit of a mood-breaker. Seeing my inability to continue, she says "Aww, it's okay, you can try again next time," and got up to change. Dammit, I'm so bad at sex.
cheesy though, too similar of a spinoff and I don'tbelieve any of them even as a joke

I never get denied a lane where I NEED to get over, but it's war out there when I/someone else just wants to get over randomly, they try and push me behindthem and I try and make them mad by getting ahead of them
sometimes Ido play it cool but I'm so competitive at heart it just happens naturally.

ok, back to finance.
"About 2 weeks ago I developed a big sore on my genitalia, but I figured it was an ingrown hair because I get those fairly frequently. A few days ago thesore popped and was not like a normal ingrown. I frequently share used towels, soap, etc., with my roommate and yesterday she told me she's had herpessince she was 18. I haven't gotten laid in 3 years and I contracted herpes. I'm so bad at sex."


funny site
Originally Posted by Mangudai954

Wait a minute, you actually asked them?

Wall to wall traffic. Cant just cut someone off in that situation. What if she dinged my sweet ride? then what?
Oh you didn't specify I thought you were going 40 mph or something. Screw that though I been wall to wall downtown and people always let me in. Sometimesyou gotta muscle in tho.
I've done it a few times, but usually relent because you don't want to get into a wreck just to prove a point, or not back down. I usually only do itwhen people try to force themselves in despite knowing their lane was going to end and there was tons of space behind me and only a few feet in front and theytry to shoehorn in or they get in the left lane knowing their right turn is about to be 20 feet up. There's a few intersections here that are notorious forthat
Yes it has happened to me, and yes I was shocked. I was in college at the time (Tuscaloosa, AL). I was in the middle lane and I needed to get over into theleft lane. There was an older white gentleman in the car (I'm a black male btw) and I looked over and asked 'Can I get over?' while pointing. To mysurprise, dude shook his head 'no' and proceeded to ease his car up further to ensure my denial
I could not believe it... I know son was MADsalty when Obama won
I look at that as my revenge.

While in a bad mood, I've purposely avoided eye contact when I noticed someone was trying to get over, but I would never straight up tell someone'No'... Mad Grimey.
If i ask to get in someone's lane verbally or with hand gestures it's out of curtsy. Your lucky I asked, believe me even if you say no, I'm stillcutting your !%+ off especially if I'm in an SUV.

Most drivers don't verbally ask, so If you do usually people should let you slide. I'm surprised some old ladies didn't let you through
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