CNN Sneaker Article

Joined Jan 18, 2008
i had the same thought about those VIII's definetly suspect. Its amusing to me when people from outside the culture write stories about it.
Joined Dec 31, 2008
wait so how much did big boi spended on the pistons colorway 8?(2 lazy 2 read the whole thing)
Imo those are 100% fake
Joined Jan 6, 2008
I wonder if JB will put these out like they did those harbor blue IIIs that were fake that the dude had on in the pic with Carmelo

pig love

Joined Aug 13, 2008
Some knucklehead probably gave those to him and though he was hooking Big Boi
up. Big Boi probably went "Word son."
Joined Feb 29, 2008
Wack kics to be on the nes they could've showed dmp pack or 11 12 pack or some big release but they probly couldn't get there hands on those so theygot a pair of fakes and poka dot 1z...lmao
Joined Jan 27, 2008
Hey I saw that same CW on madison and pulaski my chi cats know about that lmao

Wonder if the guy who sells the fake j'z in chicago gave them to big boi hahaha
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