Co-Workers who do the same annoying thing EVERYDAY Unappreciation.

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I just started a new job with a company in Chicago. Have a great window seat on the 12th floor of my building located downtown.  Unfortunately, I sit across from a douche who curses loudly all day, everydayEff this! MF that! Sheeet! Dude has more drama than Chad Johnson and T.O. combined. If I had more tenure here, I'd tell him I didn't want to hear his frakkin foolishness e'ryday. 

I can't tell whose the bigger loser, him or me.
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ya theres this one girl that sits next to me and she coughs every 10 minutes... its like 1 big cough that i can hear when im listening to my ipod... i guess she got it bad since she smokes a pack a day SMH...
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Originally Posted by omgitswes

is he programming? if so then i could def understand the language.
no, but he's usually cursing about our computer systems.

regardless, still don't want to hear it e'ryday.
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Yo, this dude that sits RIGHT next to me curses like that all the time. It has made me stop cursing because I realize how much of an idiot you sound when everything is MFing and GDit. He also has a nose whistle that happens every other day, allll day long. He's like 5'5" 200 lbs working in an office. On some strict diet that includes stinky beans for breakfast, stinky tuna like an hour later, then beans again, then a broccli sandwich, then the smelliest hardboiled eggs at the end of the day with a protein shake. I'm like dude what are you training for meathead, he's got no neck yeah I'm mad.
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My work is like that. It's very caddy and almost reminds me of high school. You have clicks and crews and people that outcast other employees. It's pretty annoying at times but I know it can be worse. Thank god I can listen to my iPod and just tune everyone out.
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