College Finals Complaint Post

Dec 23, 2002
these things suck. i have 4 in 4 days (monday, tues, wed, thurs) and a final paper due thurs. and then another one next tuesday and wednesday. they were somuch worse last semester though. who the hell came up with these things?
i've caught so many breaks with my finals. one professor had it way early which violated school policy and is forced to give a retake which I'm takingsince he had already posted the grades from the first one. I went to the evaluation portion of the class and he said the retake will be easier then theoriginal. i was able to get another one of my finals moved a day later since i had three exams scheduled on one day and university policy states that if astudent has two or more in one day, they can reschedule one. The good thing though is that one of my finals scheduled for that day is to hand in a paper whichI've been done for weeks. I was able to give myself an extra day to study. one final doesn't really matter since I'm probably going to get a C inthe class either way and my last is a take home due Wednesday by 5pm.
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#!*! FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

That sums it up pretty much, but you know you gotta do what you gotta do. Finals are finals, you just deal with it and move on. It's a big deal.
How do you have 7 finals? You're taking 7 classes? RIP.

For me I got no beef right now. FInished my 2 papers, have an easy final on Weds and a decent 1 on Friday
eh.. they aint so bad.. without them we wouldnt have breaks right?

j/k %$* FINALS!
I have three finals in one day. Your one-per-day thing sounds simple, really.

My final's schedule is 1st day: two exams, 2nd day: one exam, 3rd day: three exams.
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