College Heads: If I retake a course in summer will it replace the grade or just the credit?

Nov 28, 2007
I made an insufficient grade in one of my classes due to some unfortunate circumstances and would like to retake the course. Will I get the letter grade forthe course or just a replaced credit?
if you take it at your home school it should replace the other grade tho it will still be on your transcript...if you take it at CC it may not transfer thegrade just the credit which doesn't help your GPA...
Both grades will show up on ur transcript but they only average the higher grade and put an asterisk or a note next to the old 1

you get ur credit also
its gonna be seperate so both grades are gonna stay so yeah it replaces the credit
Depends on the school to be honest. The new grade could replace the old one totally or both grades would get averaged together.
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