Columbus- I need help finding somebody, please help

Jan 7, 2006
Hey guys I need some help finding somebody. I was at work today at Footaction and I ended up getting into a conversation with a guy and we got on the subject of Niketalk. I must have misheard his name on Niketalk but it sounded like he said, "Shundey" (this is his what it sounded like he said is Niketalk name was) or something along those lines. Please help me if you know who I am talking about. Thanks in advance!
^^ Thanks guys, we didnt get the all over elephant print jackets but we got some white one with some elephant print on them, they're ok.
I'm one of the two white guys that works there but I'm not the one with the short hair and tats, i'm short with long hair my names travis if i actually have a name tag on.
Are yall comin to the Cincinnati Sneaker Showcase? JordanFiendXII I'll be living there hopefully by August.
Cincinnati Summit April 28, 2007!
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