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Aug 27, 2009
I was at work and a question came to mind...
Who was the better photographer?

Peter Parker




Jimmy Olsen


About technical skills? That's up in the air though I'd say since Jimmy is actually in the newspaper environment and in there because its his passion its probably him.

But as to who gets better shots? I'd say Parker is aided by the fact that he's Spider-Man so he's always in the middle of his own action but Jimmy has basically gotten by by having the biggest balls in the DCU. Seriously Doomsday, Final Night, Final Crisis, Maggeddon, etc. etc. and he's never once ran he's held the line with Lois and Perry at the Planet; he's basically like a war reporter at this point if they ever chose to write him seriously.

So Jimmy is most likely the better photographer but Parker's getting shots that go for more money which is ultimately all he cares about.
C'mon man Parker,they are not equals due to Peter being able to scale buildings easily.
Spidey can fight a villian and have the camera perform that rapid shot type thing.
By the time Jimmy gets there he'll be lucky if the action is only half over.
No contest, Peter has a bird's eye view all the time...
I'd go Olsen on the fact that Parker actually gets to set up his shots by place the camera in a specific spot while Olsen shots are unscripted.
Peter is only great because of his alter ego. Without Spiderman, Peter Parker would be snapping shots of the park and other random stuff like people do on here.
Jimmy Olsen, because he was the staff photographer he takes great pictures of everything. They HIRED him full time to take pictures. Peter Parker walked in and had multiple pictures of one subject they didn't even have to be good pictures, they just had to be of Spiderman.

Olsen FTW
LOL, I wish I had the time (and energy) to post comic book threads from work.

As biased as I am toward Spidey (dude's been my favorite hero for as long as I can remember), people are giving great reasons as to why Jimmy Olsen gets the edge.  Peter is more of a scientist or student than photographer; it's something he just happens to do because he can.  For Jimmy, photography is his bread and butter.
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