Commonly used abbreviations.(NT & web)...list em here...

May 2, 2001
I've been meaning to set up this thread for a while...especially since this comes up probably every other week...

so list em here...
I'll start

NT Related Terms:

BIN Buy It Now
DS DeadStock
FS/FT For Sale / For Trade
FSR Full Size Run
GR General Release
NIB New In Box
NTLA Niketown Los Angeles
NTLV Niketown Las Vegas
NTNY Niketown New York
NTSF Niketown San Francisco
NWT New With Tags
OBO Or Best Offer
PE Player Exclusive.
PM Private Message
QS Quick Strike
SB Skateboarding (don't even start with me on this)
SMH Shaking My Head
VNDS Very Near Deadstock
WDYWT What Did You Wear Today
WTB Wanted To Buy

Web/Vernacular Terms:

A/S/L Age/Sex/Location
BTW By The Way
DIY Do It Yourself
FYI For Your Information
FTW For The Win
IDK I Don't Know
IMO In my opinion
ISO In Search Of
J/K Just Kidding
LMK Let Me Know
NP No Problem
OG Original Gangster / Original
POV Point of View
PS PhotoShop
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing
SMH Shaking My Head
sp? asking if the spelling is correct.
STBU Sucks To Be You
TTYL Talk To You Later
YGM You've Got Mail

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What exactly does "DF!!!" mean?

edit: Thanks Dirty

I am Not JesusInJordans on eBay so stop asking why I bid on this or that.
WTS: Want to sell.
WTT: Want to trade.

Just saw someone use both in the B/S Lounge.

B/S - Buying/Selling.

hmmm, i'd say that these could be important:

Stores besides the ones mentioned:

FNL/FL - finish line
FA - Footaction
ISS (aka I$$, lol) -
FCNY - Flight Club New York (I think i've heard this acronym before, but I could be wrong)

What about DTLR? I've heard of it, but am not quite sure what it stands for (I've lived in a rural area for a long time) Down Town Locker Room?

ska=23ska909red blah blah blah
meth=method man
holden=holden michael

TTS: True To Size
" on my Hype"
'CLASS OF 2005!' - Represent
~Best Jordan Ever: XIV Especially the black/white
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whats OD? is that like overdoing? or overdone?
but i think its gay..

Niketalk > Google
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when people make thereads that have a lot of pics, sometimes they put "no 56k". What does that mean?

^ no 56k means there's a lot of pictures... 56k let alone 28k cant handle it... its a warning that if you click it your comp can freeze and/or lag. lol just if you have 56k and there's a warning... dont click it. hahah go to the library or something and check it there.
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im sorry, but whats a reserve? i see pll get happy when there isnt one. is it a amount of extra money you have to pay?
My dad has a friend that knows a guy who works for jordan brand that I became close withstill team anti ds.
^reserve is an option for the seller that lets the seller decide how high they want their auction to go before selling it. for example, if a seller sets reserve at 160 for some shoes, that means if bidding does not exceed 160, the seller doesn't have to sell the shoes. no fees are incured on the buyer. if reserve is met, then it's just like a regular auction.
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wut does HTML mean?
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a simple, universal mark-up language that allows Web publishers to create complex pages of text and images that can be viewed by anyone else on the Web, regardless of what kind of computer or browser is being used.

It's basically a language that allow you display certain things on the internet.
I've seen some people use NWT to mean "Normal Wear and Tear."

Interesting. I learned something today.

I was bored...

ASAP = As Soon As Possible
CYA = See You Later
TBA = To Be Announced
TBD = To Be Determined
ATF = all time favorite
Aunt Flo = menstruation
BBW = big beautiful woman
CMT = Certified Massage Therapist. A professional masseuse.
DDG = drop dead gorgeous
GND = girl next door
IMHO = in my humble opinion
NSA = no strings attached
RPG = role playing games
STD = sexually transmitted disease
TGTBT = too good to be true
Tina = crystal meth
TJ = Tijuana
TOFTT = Take one for the team
XOXO = Kisses & Hugs
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
HAZ-MAT = Hazardous Material
IQ = Intelligence Quotient
MC = Master of Ceremonies
PBJ = Peanut Butter and Jelly
PTO = Paid Time Off
RIP = Rest in Peace
TGIF = Thank God It's Friday
TLC = Tender Loving Care
WOM = Word of Mouth
WTB = Willing To Buy
BBS = Be Back Soon
BBL = Be Back Later
GTG = Got To Go or Good To Go
JW = Just Wondering
L2P = Learning To Play
NVM = Nevermind
OMG = Oh My God
PO'd = Pissed Off
THX = Thanx
YW = Your Welcome
WTS = Want To Sell

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