Complete Sneakerhead Questionnaire And Be Entered To Win $150!

May 24, 2007
Hello all,

My name is Joseph Long and I am a student from Monmouth Universitycompleting my Honor’s Thesis. My thesis seeks to find out if there are anymajor correlations amongst the sneakerhead community. Simply put, thisresearch seeks to discover if a “typical

Damn I'm 16.
Sorry to the guys that are not yet 18... I wanted to include everyone... but when doing research I have to abide by these super strict guidelines set by my University's Institutional Review Board

Gotta love that red tape lol
Are you worried about sampling bias?  Wouldn't a random sample give you less biased numbers?  Just curious (since it is an honor's thesis). 
Yes, however, the IRB was giving me a really hard time. At first I was going to go to actual mom and pop stores and hand out the surveys but that turned out to be way too arduous so... I am just sacrificing for the greater good here lol... I had to get results some how lol

& yes I will contact the winner(s) via email
lmao... this is not a phising scam... this is why I provided the link to the consent form... If need be you guys can contact the IRB at my institution if you need further evidence
Just a question: can I participate if i'm in Canada, and in case I win: will the gift card work here?
Thanks for participating again everyone...

& all people from all countries are eligible... and if its easier... perhaps I can wire the money if you live really far away
Lol... u sure are confident... but uh my supervising professor is going to be the one to handle who wins so there is conflict of interest on my part... he is using some intricate statistical method to insure the winner is completely randomized
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