Computer/Internet Wizards, I Need Help

Jun 21, 2004
So suddenly my macbook won't load web pages anywhere. I've had thismacbook for over a year and have never had an issue with it. I have awindows desktop pc, my macbook, and my dads windows laptop in thehouse. The pc is hooked up via ethernet to my router and works fine, mydads receiving a wireless signal and works perfectly fine. Now for mymac, it says its connected to my network under network preferences butfor whatever reason won't load anything. Sometimes it'll say server notfound and other times it just loads ridiculously slow. It took 5 wholeminutes to load I've unplugged both my router and modemseveral times, restarted the macbook, etc and still don't have asolution. Tried different browsers and still nothing. I reset the router to factory specs and started a new network from scratch and still didn't fix it. This is pissing me the hell off and has been going on for two days already and i still haven't fixed it. Anyone have anyidea why it's suddenly doing this.

EDIT: I made a post about this already but Yuku decides to show it sometimes and other times says this page doesn't exist which is why theres two topics on this subject.
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