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I have like 30 gigs on my other computer that I want to transfer to my notebook. I tried putting some on DVD+RW disks but failed nothing would copy to it. thentried another data disk another fail.
Is there any other way to transfer such large files? I looked online and didn't help much. Should I just go ahead and buy an external hard drive and usethat to transfer them?
any help would be appreciated
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are you still going to use the desktop? if not then just take out the hard drive and put it into an external enclosure so you dont have to transfer filestwice. even if you are going to use the computer again you can still just but the HD back in it.
Joined Apr 1, 2009
yeah i'm still going to use it. i didn't know you could do that though.
and i was just thinking someone should of made something like that. like two USB cords connected as one and they just send data back and forth.
I'm gonna just end up buying a external hard drive whenever best buy has a good sale.
until then i'll just have to watch Sex and The City and The O.C. on my desktop
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If one of the computers has Windows Vista, then you can purchase a Vista Easy Transfer Cable (usb A on both ends). Or, like someone else stated, you can use acrossover cable. Last option is external hard drive or enclosure like already stated.

If the computers are networked (you have them connected to a router) then you can copy the files that way, but it will take pretty long.
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