"Concrete Jungle" Terminator Hi Custom

Dec 5, 2006
It's been a while since I've posted in here, but here's some of my latest work. I still need to clean up the edges, but am really excited @ my results, because I think that I'm finally improving my customizing skills. Originally when I had initially began to learn how to customize I took an old pair of white / gray Terminator Hi's and abortionized them into the blue and black customs pictured. I then stripped them and began by dying the liner black, adding cerulean blue on the swoosh, metallic grape along the top rear and edging. This was also my very first attempt @ prints, so I did the safari print in the front, then cement in the back, hence the name Concrete Jungles.Besides the edging, which I will be doing tomorrow and will post new pics of the completely edged up version, any advice, opinions, or feedback would be greatly appreciated. (P.S. I know the colors are really... LOUD, lol).


Base sneaker (Pic from PYS)

Originally 'customized' to these hideous things
ing to Dye

Cement added

I was going to do the pink, but decided against it, due to it's "interestingness"

So I went with the purple instead, and need to touch up the edges...

I like the way it is now, more than the original, but i think you should have
sticked with the shiny pink....imo, the colors mesh better to me
Yellow killed it... And stop using beat shoes!
Team Logic
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 1​
i never liked the terminators so i can never like any colorway on them- too much going on, should have stuck with one cement pattern on the shoe, the two patterns conflict each other IMO
T R A N S F O R M E R S​
Good effort man!++ The colors are a lil out there though. But nice job on the toe and heel portions+++
the yellow is terrible....

and maybe its just me.... but i do see why youd customize a beat shoe, because it never looks as good as it could, due to the shape and creases.

your speckled cement is pretty good tho
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Since nobody is liking the yellow, do you guys have any suggestions on how I can make this shoe hot / better? Oh, and to the gentleman complaining about me performing customs on beat shoes, I don't have tons of money to go out and purchase brand new sneakers to in what my opinion is practice. I'm not @ my full potential yet or even close, and don't want to be wasting money on brand new sneakers that I'll be experimenting new techniques on, which could ruin them. I'd be pissed and it goes against my Puerto Rican nature, lol. Hence why I use left overs in my collection and thank you for all the feedback everyone. Keep it coming.
i suggest to simplify the shoe.... you have too many things going on... i also suggest to stick with the safari print and put it on the heel nd take keep the yellow and change the pink into safari aswell.... then on your second customs you can do the cement print on em... do you understand what im saying??? :\

but clean painting job...
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