Cool Retail Store Front And Store Decor...

Joined Jul 1, 2004
and i DO like the setup...
but its almost overwhelming...

i think flight club,has the cleanest,easiest,user and manager friendly setup...
from workin in a shoe store,i HATE having to think of cool little displays everyday...
it's frustrating and detracts me from my job... id rather have it like fcny....

but the hundreds IS cool.
Joined Apr 2, 2009
youre thread title makes no sense.. why is it a question.. ?

Joined Jul 1, 2004
when i went to l.a and visited the alife store there...
it was very cool lookin i guess,but.... its a store for shopping....
and i didnt feel like i could SHOP...

u know touch,feel materials, crap like that... customers like that... but
continue on with ur feedback...

do u guys prefer COOL setups over easy access?
Joined Sep 20, 2003
When I first went to the Hundreds in SF I thought it was cool to take a pic on my phone, soon as I took it out they already knew like *taps shoulder*"Nah".

Went there recently and copped a shirt, one of the dopest set-ups I seen.

But FCNY looks like I store I'd hit up on the regular.
Joined Jul 11, 2006
why didn't you post the ACTUAL bodega store front with the magic vending machine, and girl behind the counter?
Joined Jun 26, 2008
Came in to say Hundreds Sf. Even the front is sick. Unmarked only the Adam bomb
Joined Aug 1, 2001
A little bit off topic, but how do stores like Flight Club stay in business. Never been to either flight club, but aren't these running off ofconsignments? Do they really pull in that much income from selling other peoples shoes? If I'm totally wrong, then disregard this whole post haha.

There's this one store in LA, close to Staples Center, on Pico I believe. I walked in, picked up a shoe, and that was the first thought that came into myhead.
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