Cool Waves Store in Oakbrook, IL "warning"

Feb 28, 2005
What's up everyone? I felt the need to inform everybody of something this evening. For anyone who currently shops at Cool Waves in Oakbrook Mall, I would highly recomend to stop doing so. I have it on pretty good authority that the manager who runs the place is extremely racist and disrespectful to customers. I used to stop in the store, but after finding this out, I no longer plan on doing so. I figured putting this on NikeTalk fulfills my social obligation. If you want me too elaborate, I will, just get in touch with me. You can get all their clothes at other stores with better variety with better prices anyway.

Sorry if you don't care, it just bugs me and I don't think it's right...especially in a retail environment. Personally I think the owner of the company should be smarter about who they put in place to run their stores. Mods, if this needs to be deleted, feel free.
The thing is, that's very true. The guy thinks he's invincible and he's some sort gift to the world. Just superior to everyone. That is the impression I get.
that jus makes me wanna go there and set his @#%$ strate with Chavo(my left handed haymaker) and Brutus(my right handed uppercut).

racism and i dont mix very well.

what stores are next to this place?
He doesn't outright say it to them. It isn't worth going there and making a scene. I am just advising people to not shop there. If his store makes no money, his store will not exist. I am just passing on what I heard. I am not in any way condoning any physical actions. Think of it as a politcal movement :wink:
He is white. I am white as well in case it gave anyone an idea that his "racism" was directed towards me. He didn't say/do/demonstrate anything to me ever. It was something someone told me about. Just the way the guy is and the way he views things. He seems a bit nuts as well...
I would sum it up as Euro/Clubber...but they carry Ed Hardy, Lacoste, True Religion, Dolce, etc... Men's and Women's. It isn't anything out of the ordinary. Nothing you can't buy at Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus.
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