Corpus Christi, Texas

I'm not from Corpus but what's going down out there? Any good spots? I'm gonna be out that way on my vacation at the end of july and want to have a look around and see what's poppin.
whats up jaysyn, its aaron, i met you @ best buy. Pick up anything lately?
Im from corpus...there are no shoe heads at all...its like a general release town...I wore some all-star VCiii and someone asked me if they were custom, and how i got the LA logo on the tongue. I wore laser 2K4's and someone asked howd i put the lines in it. In CC all you'll see are custom wht/wht forces and people who think they got a jump on people not knowing they are wearing fakes...its kinda sad

night life sucks too. they block off one block downtown. Only place I liked was utopia and a bar downtown that i cant remember the name of. Good thing i left to go to school at UT austin...

@ corpus
Yo, u sneakerhead or a sneaker pymp! I am a sneakerhead stayin in the 361 area not far from CC or tha Vic. Get at me if ya wanna talk bout tha sneaker game. Tired of peeps claimin tha got heat and disgrace the game. All eye see is peeps wearin fakes. :smh:

Hey Ucasta, wut up maann! Aint holla at u since shoe show in SA. man we gotta hav one again. Wut u picked up lately.

Good Evening, i am Joey Greco and welcome to Cheaters.......
Whats up? Haven't picked up anything since the show...patiently waiting for the Mars IV's. Do you know what stores are getting them for sure? Im looking to pick up two pairs.
361, Victoria. Nothing goes on here. The Champs already has the Mars in stock, just waiting for release day.
Hey what's up aaron!? Last thing I picked up was the citrus af1's. Thanks to spursfan21 for hooking me up with those. I'm just waiting on the mars. I might get the low XXI but haven't decided yet. UTA has them for $115 and I thought that was a decent price. Inbox me and let me know where your heading for the mars and maybe we could meet up. I'll probably be heading to southpark since I seem get what I need from there but who knows what this release will bring.
CC folks come on up,lets see if can arrange a little get together, maybe plan on next years event and or crash motive on a weekend eh? Fred
Give me a roundabout time period, I'll roundup the san anton posse, give the MAN at motive a buzz and just hang and do lunch. How's that sound? F
Good news-Champs is gettin the black/carolina Vs next month. I was hella surprised, and well see if its tru, but I went and talked to Chris today and he said it was 4sho.
Highly unlikely Corpus is getting this limited release, pretty much positive that they r not gettin em. Corpus doesnt hav an urban account.
^^^Yes, I know they dont have an urban account, but sometimes JB distributes limited numbers of limited releases to selected Champs, footlocker, or footaction. Im not sayin these are comin here for sure--Im just repeating what the manager of the store told me.
^get anything New? where have u been, news on the street is that u hurt ur back?
if u wanna come on up next week for the drop of j5,lets see if we can go to Austin. personally not inteerested in j's but meet and greet w/ some San Anton cats
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia
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