Craigslist emails gone wrong Vol 1.

Joined Jan 29, 2008
I was on Craigslist looking to get a new phone, and I stumbled on an ad that made me want to email the guy back. He was looking to do a straight trade for his Tmobile G1 for a HTC HD2. Anyone who keeps up with cell phones or technology knows this is a ridiculous trade. It's the equivalent of asking to trade an iPhone 2G for a iPhone 3GS.
Im sure he deleted the post since I can't find it anymore, but I will post our email transcripts.

Me: so you want to trade a g1 for a hd2?

Him: ya i know there is a 50 dollar difference an i really wanted to get it for my fiance's birthday im going to the airforce an i spent the last bit of money i had on my fiance's ring and wanted to get her somethin nice and was hoping someone would want to trade straight up not tryin to put on a sob story or anything jusy had a few people piss me off by emailing me about it and talking crap and etc. 

Me: I was gonna make fun of you but now I feel bad. Noone is gonna pull the trade but good luck 

Me: It's a 350 difference in real world.

Him: 350??? no G1 retail price is 369.99 HD2 is 449.99 its an 80 dollar difference 

Me: I don't know if your trying to pull a fast one, or your just oblivous to the fact that a g1 used is worth $75 and hd2 is worth $400 used. Go on eBay and see for yourself. There is not one person in the world who would give you a hd2 for a g1 without atleast 300 ontop

Him: Haha seriously your retarted if someone wants to sell a g1 for 75 then they can but my family works at tmobile I know everything about all there phones an I don't pull fast ones an its not used still in box haven't even been setup yet go look on tmobile .com thank you

Me: I was being nice to you the whole time you **** sucker, but i hope your wife cheats on you like every other military dude who get shipped out.

Him: Haha man trust me she won't cheat an your not man enough to talk to me like that I mean come on your talkin !!!! through email

Me: Lol. "Trust me she won't cheat..." (even if you got her knocked up, she still gonna get it)

I wish the military had a better aptitude test before they send a dumb-@@!+$ like you to represent America.

Imma go back to watching "Brothers".......

That was my comic relief for the past few hours. If emails back, ill post. If you guys have any other 
, or 
 experiences on Craigslist, post them.


Joined Dec 17, 2008
as far as I'm concerned, you're a herb loser for talking to someone through email like that.
Joined Dec 28, 2004
op that was foul. i mean he didnt know the true value, give him the info and keep it moving.


Joined Nov 18, 2007
OP, I feel you on the first part of the exchange. But telling him his fiance is gonna cheat on him and resorting to name calling is just silly.
Joined Jan 29, 2008
lol. its all good!

Im getting a kick out of these stoneface pics.

He replied back:

"Dude you watch to many movies for real get your facts straigt *!+!$ go back to your movie finish playin wit yourself an why you continue to stay a broke piece of #*#! I'ma have money out the @## that's prob all you do is talk #*#! to people on craigslist because you got no life I got a 3.8 gpa now who the %%#+!%* but its ok metro has your stuff ya my aunt a cop shows who smart huh lol"

Funniest part of all this, is that this whole time his email stated his name at the top.
I would post, but I gotta feeling dude is a minor.
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