Crazy movie/story ideas you came up with........ lol

May 13, 2008
I was chillin last night and all of a sudden I get this idea while walking down the empty streets of L.A

I will try to keep it short.... I really don't know the ending but I kinda got the plot down. At the moment it seemed like a decent book or movie idea.

- Imagine that there is an underground hero in your city (L.A in my case) No one knows about him except select few law enforcement officers in the city. Thehero is like Batman like, except people rarely see him and no one knows about him at all. The hero is basically unknown and almost not human like.

One day the main character is walking down the empty sidewalk in L.A and all of a sudden he is in the middle of a skirmish between some robbers or some type ofcriminal running away. The cops are chasin and it seems like another chase in L.A, but then the superhero like person rides in motorcycle and chases the goonsdown. *Thats when the story unfolds
-The main character sees the superhero person and wonders what it is...... googles and everything./ Now the next day he is chillin and the cops are all up onhis grill cause he knows about the super-cop like person. The cops begin to harass him and stuff cause he is trying to find out what the thing is.

IN his search he finds out of a group of people that seek out the truth.... like hippies but cooler. So there are two groups = The cops (who are bad cause theybeat up people and seem to use the monster like superhero to mess with the public) The hippie like people who want the truth to be out and they believe thesuperhero thing is not human maybe som kind of animal, or just a person being used and manipulated by the people

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