Crazy new connect??

Joined May 16, 2013
Alright a little background... my current sneaker connect is all hyped up about this new connect thats out on the west coast that apparently has connects with Nike and has access to all of the shoes in the pic below... the thing is he has to order them and then send them out so he doesnt have pictures but claims to be 100% authentic and also he claims that theres a $600 fee in order to enter into his order system. Looking at this I see thousands of potential dollars but it seems sketchy even though it is through paypal and the packages are usps w/ tracking and my connect seems pretty sure that this is legit. Whats you opinion nike talk?? it just doesnt seem like its even possible to get that many pairs of shoes that released a while ago
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"Doesnt have pictures but claims to be 1000% authentic" why not give us that reassurance and take photos of these "legit" sneakers. sounds like a scamm. $600 fee, no way.


Joined Dec 19, 2012
Sounds fishy...why would nike let someone sell shoes that havent been released in multiple years vs re-releasing them by themselves?
Joined May 16, 2013
Because I guess he orders them he doesnt have them in stock, and the shoes are the releases from years past just in ds condition. I mean I figure all the ebay resellers with 10 pairs of a rare *** js must get them from a connect like this? like shoesupplier and that other mikeysmallz guy on instagram and its through paypal so im pretty sure he wouldnt lose out on his money
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