Crooks & Castle in TO!!

Jul 16, 2005
Yo any1 know any spots with legit C&C 10 Deep etc... clothing. I know the usual LS, Lounge....but what are some more store. But one of the exact shirts is the C&C one with guns all over it.
***The Bills Gonna Get Payed, By Standin On Da Corner
Naahh Im Peyton Manning, I'm Handling The Corner
Talk Like I Gotta Chip On My Shoulder, Nahh Dats A Chip On Da Pinky
Still Getting More Brain Then Pinky
Everybody play the thug, till you run up on dem for his carats with a shotty like Elma Fudd
Then they play a different tone, dudes soften up and start singin to the broads like Loon***
mite wanna try ransom, i would think they carry most street brands
but them to see if they have it.
FS: DS size 10 AJ DMP package, DS size 11 Dunk Low Tiffany SB, AJ XVIII towels all Brand new in red, blue color.(send me ur best offer)
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