custom kobe v aways

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So i decided to get rid of the yellow heel cup and change it to a purple heel...quick job during the night, will touch up once i seem them in daylight and after i use them for my tournament tomorrow...what do you guys think?  im thinking of changing the laces to yellow too to add some yellow back into the mix.

PS rendering before buying materials and committing

Finished...the purple and looks blue in the picture but in person they match rather well...which i was afraid it wouldnt.


Joined Jun 7, 2008
Already said it in the Kobe thread, but well done.

Did you use dye, and how'd you apply it? just curious
Joined Dec 30, 2005
hey C4 i just bought a decofabric paint marker 5 bucks got 2 and went through 1.5 pens to do this with all 4 coats applied...i have a touched up pic which ill post in a minute where i covered up missed spots and spots that were scuffed since playing in them at a tourney

you can buy the markers at michaels or joanns or any craft store...make sure its ffabric paint...otherwise the paint would dry and crack when you wear the shoes....its a cheap or poor man IDs haha

here is a new pic of them with 2 additional coats...covered up all the missed spots etc. not the best pic but yea

extremely satisfied with how they came out
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