Daimler To Phase Out Maybach Brand VOL. I knew people didnt buy into the hype...

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[h1]Daimler To Phase Out Maybach Brand[/h1]
by Noah Joseph (RSS feed) Mar 15th 2010 at 10:02PM

Since its launch eight years ago, Maybach has largely been characterized as a failed venture. The ultra-premium counterpart to Mercedes-Benznever reached the sales figures which its rivals Bentley (part of theVolkswagen group) and Rolls-Royce (owned by BMW) have enjoyed in thesuperstrata of the luxury car market. That's largely come down itslackluster product, which appears to all to be little more than agussied-up Mercedes S-Class, available in 57 and 62-decimeter lengths.

Inthe face of even further lagging sales, however, reports now indicatethat Daimler is preparing to wind down the brand and phase it outentirely. But not before the line-up gets a mild refresh. After that,Mercedes hopes to fill the niche with more exclusive versions of theS-Class, which to our ears sounds more or less the same as where itstands now, only with a different hood ornament.

I can't hate on millionaires who own them...but they just never had any appeal to me
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one time leaving a nets game HOV's Maybach almost ran over my boy Mark bc these kids saw Him in the window and like swarmed the car and his driver peeled out, I had to yank my boy out the way. He was literally mad at me for weeks, cuz he wanted to sue Jay Z, lulz.
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not a fan. sure it has curtains and some recliners but it's nothing more than a fancy s-class to people.
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