Damn, my girl was just robbed in her own home

Apr 4, 2003
She's a dog breeder.... Yesterday afternoon, thieves took P1million worth of dogs and puppies (chihuahuas, pugs, schi tzus.. They broke in her home, held her up at gun point, hog tied her, blind folded her, even shot her with a tazor gun... It was just her and her friend who also was tied up...

I'm just glad they didn't harm her, rape her, or even kill her.... but still shooting an innocent girl around 5'1" with a tazor gun???? what kind of @#%$ does that?? stealing puppies??? What kind of @#%$ do that??? Thieves drove a Ford Expedition too :stoneface:
had a couple of body guards on motorcycles outside :stoneface:
Some hi tech weapons... Yeah, a couple of girls weighing 100lbs each are really a threat :stoneface:

Anyway, sorry for venting... I'm off to Manila soon to be with her.. hopefully talk to the police too..

For those who live in subdivision,villages, eh.. make sure your guards are strict in taking license numbers on vehicles, driver's info, etc...
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well, thank God they're okay now. it could be worse. these bastards will go to hell. go home and get these mofos.
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@#%$..sorry to hear about that bai..

Hope all is well man, best of luck in finding those damn crooks :smh:
Sorry to hear that dude.... good thing they are ok except for the trauma....

These criminals are supported by a high ranking official as you've mentioned they drove expy....

What subdivision is this? The guards should have a log book of all the vehicles plate number that entered and also they should be strict in getting an ID to all vehicle entering the Subdivision...
Thanks for the concern guys.

Yeah, i figured they were some huge syndicate...If they are supported by a high ranking official... i don't know how to fight that :\
I'm really stumped... I do want justice just for the trauma they caused her... i'm just thankful they're both ok though. The neighbors who saw the Expedition thought it was just another customer... The guard does have a log book with the Expy's plates.. Her brother's at the LTO tracing it right now.. This was in Marcelo Village, Paranaque... I don't know why the guards didn't get their drivers license though. Here in Cebu everytime I go to a subdivision, the guards always ask for my driver's license, and i get it back once i leave the area.
"He can fight Mayweather right now and I don't think Mayweather can handle the pressure" Alan Massengale on Manny Pacquiao
yeah, P1m is alot... each chihuahuah sells for P60,000 to P80,000... depending on the color... Pugs are around P25th-P30thousand i think...

Though, she could care less about how much they're worth... she's worried about their safety, if they're able to eat right now, drink the right amount of water, etc... She treated them like her own children.. sucks right now. We both feel so helpless and she feels violated. But yeah, I'm very thankful she's alive and unharmed.

Thanks again for your replies guys.... i know its just a message board, but i needed to vent out and your encouragement does help... I doubt we'd catch the thieves, she's just hoping the puppies will be ok and if they are sold, hopefully they will end up with good owners... and eventually karma will catch up to bad people.
"He can fight Mayweather right now and I don't think Mayweather can handle the pressure" Alan Massengale on Manny Pacquiao
I'd love to get those guys killed.


Good thing your girl's safe.

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thanks jojo... sent you an email
"He can fight Mayweather right now and I don't think Mayweather can handle the pressure" Alan Massengale on Manny Pacquiao
I'm glad that neither your girl nor her friend were seriously hurt. I hope you get the bastards. Just be careful that whoever you report it to isn't a consenting party to the crime, and that there aren't any inside conspirators (employees, household help) that may have helped. God bless.
damn... good thing they weren't seriously harmed... hope the bastards get caught soon...
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I'd love to get those guys killed.

and sana naman nagtrabaho sila ng ayos di yan ganyan...pinaghirapan ng iba kukunin kang..goodluck and god bless sa iyo,your gf and her friend...sana mahuli yung mga bad guys na yun.....ingat..
brad, if u need help sa LTO let me know. PM me. I need your email or cel # and other pertinent info.
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sorry to hear that happened.. same thing happened to my father last winter.. worst feeling i ever felt, that something happened to my loved one and i couldnt do anything about.. my condolences
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sorry to hear that nico! hope those b@st@rds who did that to your girl and all of their descendants would look and smell like chihuahuas.
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sorry to hear about your girl, glad no one got seriously hurt and i hope those bastards who did this get what they deserve
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