*~ DAMP RID in T.O.??? ~*

Apr 7, 2006
juss wanted to know if anyone out there in the 416/905 know where I can find 'DAMP RID'??? Or any suggestions on ways to store kicks living in a basement apartment???....
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
I've asked the same question before, and noone came up with an answer.
nuff said.

I posted this in the update thread before because I didn't go looking for the thread on this. I've seen it in Rona.
did you copp it at RONA???... If so, how much it run ya?...
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
aiight thanx... I'll check out HOME DEPOT too...
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
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