Dawn of the Dead 2 in 2010 ???

May 30, 2009
After the success of the original remake of "Dawn of the Dead", a sequel to it is now in the works. Curiously however, the sequel will not be aremake of the originals sequel "Day of the Dead"!?!The director of the remake, Zack Snyder, spoke to Sci Fi Wire
about the possibility of a sequel using "Day of the Dead" asa model:
I" was like, ´We should do a sequel to Day,´ but they [weren´t interested]."

. Instead the sequel will be an original story using the new types of fast zombies that were introduced in the remake. On the subject of when a sequel wouldstart production, Snyder said that he and scriptwriter James Gunn were already in talks with Universal!

"We kicked around some ideas, but I don´t know what we´re going to do with it. We´ve talked about it. I met with James. I met with the producers. Theheat comes on and off of that. I think Universal wants it bad."

Fiiinaly. It's been too long since they made that movie.
But I wonder why they aren't just doing a DayOTD remake. Would be faster to complete than a whole new story.
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they already had a day of the dead....but it was made by different people
Yes, but they were crappy straight-to-DVD releases. Snyder would make a much better movie.
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