Db3 Vs q54

Joined Oct 6, 2011
Do you think it's a good trade my db3s Ds for quai54 5s Ds straight trade? Let me know asap thanks.
Joined Sep 10, 2011
They're both about worth the same amount . ($400)
It's just depending on the condition on both of the shoes tho .
i would keep the 3's , imo .
Joined Oct 6, 2011
Thanks for the help every one. But I have one more question how much do you think they would run if they don't have the lace locks? There 100% Ds just no lace locks let me know what you guys think thanks again.


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Joined Dec 14, 1999
Questions about the value of shoes belong in the price and Legit section of Niketalk.
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