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Hey! My name is Mario and i am 1/3 of the FP=LR team. We will be launching a new premium street/activewear brand, FP=LR. Its purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower people to chase their dreams while striving to find balance in life to ensure success in the foreseeable long-run. 
What is FP? 
FP is influenced by our everyday life; music, skating, street fashion, attitude, parties, drugs, girls, alcohol, etc... Anything goes. FP derives from the previous original name, Flying Packs. Flying Packs stems from the idea of chasing a dream. Working in the industry of package transportation I’ve seen and heard of several exotic and interesting things get shipped away to different states and countries. A Flying Pack has a start point, a route, and a final destination; Similar to having an idea, an execution plan and finally accomplishing your goal. Just like a Flying Pack. 
 What is LR?
 LR stands for LongRun. "We are in it for the long run". LongRun represents an accomplishment over time and a literal meaning of being active/healthy. 
The equals sign, "=" is placed in-between both words to represent that one is not better than the other, instead they are both necessary and a balance of both is highly desirable. 
---> FP for the LongRun.
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