De La Souls/ OG AJ X


Jul 30, 2005
i never post in here so if im doing something wrong just let me know.

Im planning on getting either a pair of de la's or og powder blue x if anyone wants to push me towards a certain pair feel free to drop your opinion.

anyway how do de la's fit. I wear a 9 in af1s generally im a 9.5 . do they run big or small?

the same for the powder xs. oh and are the powder x's wearable? meaning im not walking to protect my kicks every step. if not, that could be the deciding factor.


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Which De La's, high or low?
Lows fit true, highs fit kinda big, but if you get a 1/2 size smaller they maybe a little snug on your toes, so id recommend staying true to size

As far as the OG Xs, true to size, and they are wearable IMO i have worn mine many times...however ive heard of stories of the bottom seperating from the shoe but u can always glue that back if that were to happen...ive never heard of anything crumbling like the IVs though
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if the powder x's are wearable, i'd go with the x's.

if not, i'd still go with the x's =P
but that's just me.
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