December 13, 1983: The night the highest scoring game ever occured in the NBA. Vol: 186-184. 4 40+.

Mar 3, 2006
370 total points.
Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons.
Four players over 40+.
12 players in double figures.
Isiah Thomas scores 47.
John Long scores 41.
Kiki Vanderweghe scores 51.
Alex English scores 47.
Triple overtime.

Must have been a HELL of a night.
Another great game, this in regulation. A boxscore is available here:

Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns.

143-173. In regulation.
Only ONE player 40+, and it was for Denver (Woolridge).
Eight players 20+
Twelve players in double-figures.
Suns shot 64% from the field, and 39 made Ft's.
89 Free throws attempted for the game.
Suns only took 2 threes, and missed them both.
Denver went 2/7 from deep.

Shows you how much the NBA relies on the three-point shot nowadays.
Originally Posted by bonafide101

I believe it was the Nuggets, not the Sonics
Correct, my bad.

I saw their old jerseys, saw some cities, thought it was Supersonics.

"The passing game is basically doing whatever the hell you want. But tell me what coach is going to say, 'We're a freelance team'? It sounds like you're not coaching. Hey, if a coach gets some sort of thrill when the team runs a play right, that's good. I just happen to think differently."

Doug Moe
i wonder if a team will ever reach 200? that would be crazy

if anything a suns and warriors game would probably be close to the feat
this type of game every baller wanna be in so many points to go around lol
and ^ didnt the nuggets drop like 170 on the sonics durants rookie year
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