I can easily teach you for free, if you provided the car.
I know this might sound like BS, but when I was 14, my pops tried to teach me and I was frustrated and stubborn. The way I learned was on my own, by sneaking out in my parents car. I learned the hard way.

"if you say real talk, I probably won't trust ya!"3000
finding a car is my problem. i got people who know how to drive stick but they all drive auto.
You could probably rent one for half of that. Have someone drive it off the lot for you and take you to an empty parking lot to learn. I think most people are reluctant to teach you in their own cars because they are scared you are going to mess up their cars. You may be able to drive, as in steer, break, and accelerate, but its the shifting and clutch motions that can serious mess up a car if you do it wrong. Also, if you don't have a manual car right now, it might not do you that much good to learn for a day, because who knows when you will actually drive a manual shift again. Maybe you should wait until you get your own car and you will have at least a couple of days to practice and learn. Good Luck.
^^ good advice. i didn't think of renting. thats what i'm gonna do. the only reason i wanna learn is because the car i might be getting is a stick and i want to see if its right for me.
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