Boosie my N too.....
Dang yall LA dudes are def real man..... Didnt think Boosie would really get down like that cause i figured he was seeing much better dough now than he wasback in those original Bad $*! mixtape days maybe i was wrong tho
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Why did boosie susposedly put a bounty on nussie's head? Somebody school on this
I'm not COMPLETELY positive, but here's the cliff notes version I've been told by some OG's and people who were in business with both Trill and Nu$$ie (rap wise)

- Used to be a drug dealer named Lil Ivy that pretty much was running %%@ in BR. Dude was caked up with MILLIONS. Car got sprayed with a chopper like 5 years back. Boosie says it was Nussie's people who did it. Beef starts because Ivy was like Boosie's brother or whatever, basically looked over Boosie because at this point, Boosie is like 16-17-18, something like that.

- Nussie starts rapping, making diss songs about Boosie. Basically, at this point, Trill has signed their deal with Asylum and the word in BR has always been that they've been holding the other artists back, basically offering them slave deals through Trill as the only option to get on with a major. So Nussie's got this whole "If you ain't sharing, we ain't caring" campaign going against Boosie, also starts calling himself Nussie Badazz, mocking Boosie Badazz.

That's all I know. I'm sure there's a bunch of hood %%@ that went down... but that's one of those things where unless you're told, you don't ask.
... yeah I forgot about that Ivy part ... but I came in to mention about the whole holdin' down the BR part ... Nussie wanted Boosie to disshim but Boosie wasn't gon do it b/c all he would did was got Nussie name out ..
^^ thanks I just watched a couple of youtube vids on nussie

Did explained why he went at boosie and he also mentioned something about not killing boosies homebody

Was nussie the king of BR or something
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Boosie aint have nothin to do wit that..
He wasn't in town when it happen ... but he did put a price on his head ... then the whole Ivy thing ... never know.
I'm like 4 years late. I did not know Beelow was killed. Same cat that came out with "Big Body" in the late 90's I think.

I hate to hear this about the whole Trill Fam, they put out good music. I had already hit up family from B.R, N.O, all down in Mississippi. Just to let themknow to bring all their music to the family reunion.
been rumors around br about lil phat and boosie having beef with nussie and getting him killed.

i guess someone snitched on him for the fbi to know all this.
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