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Tweaking an ankle is part of the game of basketball. Every player has done it in every pair of shoes ever made. Please come back when you have something usefulto say.

I think you're just a salty Lakers fan who got whooped tonight so you gotta complain about Carmelo.

You didn't even spell his name right. smh @ you.
Joined Apr 9, 2009
post this in the sports forum if you'd like. What u said has nothing to do with JB. State facts not your sorry +@% opinion.
Joined Apr 3, 2009 obviously know nothing about basketball. Turning your ankle is a part of the game, it happens. You have no idea when you can possibly step onsomeone's foot on your way down. Honestly you can be walking down the street and step on something small and turn your ankle. JB's "quality hasnothing to do with Melo hurting his ankle.
Joined Jan 19, 2009
He tweaked his ankle because of the quality? Ok. You do realize that rolling/twisting/tweaking/etc. an ankle is part of the game right?

**** n00b.
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