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LOL ... G .. I was once in that same shoes you were ... I know how it feels ...

It seems that SOMETIMES the longer you with a company the more they want to get rid of you .

NOW you just have to have the gift of gab and run your OWN business ...... o yea make sure you give you ladies a cut .
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damn I make way less than that, but at least you got alot of experience. Goes well in a resume.

but why is this here? lol general is just a links down
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Maybe you gots the bone cos you is dumb and stuff which is why you is posted in the wrong forum. ya heard.
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Originally Posted by ThaPeoplesChamp

but what the hell do goofy sneakerhead kids with tattoos grow up to be?
Nurse with a Bachelors Degree.

I actually just read an article on about how new graduates of 09 (myself), are having trouble getting jobs, bc not many places are hiring collegegraduates. 1 in every 5 that have been applying have been offered a job. That is pretty sad, I can't wait untill the economy turns around. 5 years ago,nurses were getting 10K sign-on bonus, now its just 1k.
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